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GL Messtechnik has three subsidiaries in different industries.

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GL Technology:

As an owner-managed company, GL Messtechnik GmbH has specialised in laser measurement technology. With our 25 years of experience in the field of measuring, we are your partner for precise & non-contact measuring systems for quality assurance & product analysis.

Our 30 employees serve customers worldwide from different areas with optical measuring systems. In our headquarters in Bad Kreuznach (Germany) we develop and produce laser measuring technology as customer-specific and standard systems.

As specialists for precision we are known in tire industry. Using specially developed laser measuring systems, we measure tread depths, carry out studies on wear and mileage and visualize the measurement results. Our systems support tire developers, test institutes and R&D centers worldwide with wear analyses, mileage studies, height and side run measurements as well as Heel & Toe evaluations on tires.

Another focus of our new developments is laser sensors for cavity measurement. These sensors deliver precise data to the production control and can thus be integrated into automated production. For industry 4.0, our laser measurement technology can measure and record complex inner contours.

Our sensors and the smartphone-based mobile measuring devices can be used especially for the quality assurance of forming processes and welding seams. Weld seams and bends or radii can be precisely measured and recorded for quality management systems.

We support tire service providers with our easy-to-use, fast laser measurement systems, which enable them to measure tires individually or in stacks and to record the measurement results according to customer requirements.