SmS Tire

SmS – Smart Scan

Smart Scan for Tires

The Smart Scan offers an innovative solution to measure tires, rims, cracks and any surface geometries using a smartphone. It is not only small and practical but also fast and very accurate. The battery-powered Smart Scan makes non-contact measurements from 300 mm width up to 150 mm thickness. Distances, radii, angles and height differences of the recorded cross-section can be displayed. In this way, more than 10,000 profiles can be stored.

  • Measurement Technology: TriangulationPoint Laser technology
  • Laser: CCD / Visible / Red
  • Laserclass: IIM
  • Datatransmission: Digital
  • Distance from laser: 275 mm
  • Measurement range Z (depth): 150 mm
  • Measurement range X (width): 300 mm
  • Tire typs: Bycicle / cars/ trucks / agricultural machinery
  • Portable measurement system
  • Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6
  • SmartScan App (latest version)
  • Redlightfilter
  • Charging cable
  • Transport box

Measurement Protocol

A very important feature of the software is its macro capability, which can be individually configured by each customer. Various task fields can be selected from the list of system functions and combined to form a macro. As a result, the customer has several highly personalized macros to choose from. Such a macro package could, for example, include the tread pattern, images of all four tyres with user information and additional camera shots of the tyres, the mileage and number plate with memory, print and send functions.