Precision Dual Profiler

PDP - Precision Dual Profile

Drive Over Tread Measuring System

Fast profile measurements as you drive past are no longer a problem with the PrecisionDualProfiler from GL Messtechnik. The PDP measures the profile depths in just a few seconds and displays the measurement result in a 3D view including the determined profile depths. For the garage technician and the customer, the measurement results are immediately visible and can be printed or sent in a protocol with customer-specific details. The PDP also saves time and makes work easier in other areas, such as cyclic tire inspection for freight forwarders and vehicle fleets. Thanks to the simple measurement data acquisition and documentation, the results can also be viewed after the measurement and used for further processing. The measuring system can be installed on the ground in conjunction with drive-over ramps or optionally embedded in the ground. The PDP is not only suitable for fast tread depth measurement, but also convinces with the software functions for the calculation of tyre wear, wheel alignment and braking distance. Additional information such as vehicle data, customer number or an order number can be added to this.

  • Vehicle reception for workshops
  • Cyclic tire inspection for freight forwarders, bus companies and vehicle fleets
  • Profile checks in traffic
  • Entry checks on trucks in border traffic
  • Tread wear measurements in endurance tests for tyre manufacturers, test tracks and institutes
  • Tire tread measurements for official technical vehicle inspections
  • Integration in brake test benches
  • Measurement technology: Triangulation line laser sensors
  • Laser: Visible / Red
  • Laser class: IIM
  • Data transmission: Digital
  • Measuring segment: 80 mm
  • Scan speed: 1-4 sec.
  • Scan width: 2 x 700 mm
  • Tyre diameter: > 200 mm
  • 3D measurement of the tyre profile
  • Automated display of profile depth
  • Automatic measured value display and output
  • Profil-Scan-System
  • Ramp (optional)