Industrie Welding


Welded joints are planned economically and sophisticatedly, taking into account the latest technical means. Machine, body and steel constructions, such as stairs, escape stairs, fall protection etc. are realised by means of welding technology. Our mobile measuring devices have been specially developed for these applications. The measured values can be read into any welding seam documentation.

Our Solutions

CiTriS – Circular Triangulation Sensor

360° Internal Geometry Sensor

The triangulation sensor CiTriS projects a laser line across the weld seam in the cavity. Thus the radius and the A-measurement can be determined for both longitudinal and transverse welds of round components such as tubes…

SmS – Smart Scan

2D Mobile Profile Measurement System

The Smart Scan enables very simple, fast and accurate measurement of weld seams. It is not only small and handy but also…