CiTriS - Circular Triangulation Sensor

360° Internal Geometry Sensor

A new step in the laser measurement technology. The sensor measures internal geometries of bores, tubes, containers and other cavities. The radial laser scans the internal surface on a cavity geometriey at 360° with 2048 angular points.

The result is the precise 2D cross section. Sensors with different measuring ranges are available.

  • Circular Triangulations Sensor
  • Measuring principle: Circular laser triangulation / circular light section
  • Laser: Circular laser (660 nm, visible)
  • Laser class: II M
  • Data interface: USB 3.0
  • Angular resolution: 2048 radial measuring points over 360°.
  • Housing diameter: ø 50 mm
  • Trigger: Hirose micro receptacle (part number HR10A-7R-6PB)
  • Measuring speed: 90 fps
  • Operating temperature: 10-40 °C (32-140 °F)
  • Configuration of basic parameters
  • 2D Section Viewer
  • Export function: ASCII / TXT
  • Software interface / API

Areas of Application

Hollow Bodys

The sensor series CiTriS represents a tool for the exact and contactless measurement of the inner geometry of tubes and hollow bodies...


The integration of CiTriS in roll rolls for the round bending of sheet metal allows permanent radius measurement during the manufacturing process...


The CiTriS can determine the radius and the A dimension for longitudinal and transverse welding seams for round components such as pipes...